Dec 222010

What is this blog all about?

I am an investment junkie.  I have spent years learning as much as I can about investing through both formal education (I have an MBA with a concentration in Analytical Finance) and my own reading and research.  Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered any methods for getting rich quick.  In fact, I haven’t discovered any method for beating the market average by even a modest amount which doesn’t require taking on some additional risk.  (Is anyone still reading?) Instead, I’ve become convinced that a low-cost, index-fund-based approach is the best choice for nearly all investors. 

This may sound like a disappointing conclusion.  Is it a waste of time and money to spend time studying your investment options?  Should all investors simply put all their money in a Wilshire 5000 index fund?  Are even the most motivated and intelligent investors destined to average investment performance? Continue reading »